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Activities of Ganesha Coral Reef Resort

Activities overview

Dolphin watching at the Bali sea

Of all activities dolphin watching at sea is no doubt the most famous in North Bali. The wonderful thing about staying at Ganesha Coral Reef Resort is the five am pick up at your own private beach. Most other hotels will have to travel at that time in the morning to be picked up in Lovina. Not the best way to start a morning.

A jukung (traditional outrigger) will pick you up in the wee hours of the morning to take you out on a adventure you will never forget. Typical Bali sunrise, beautiful, on a calm and peaceful Java sea. Tropical cool morning breezes and the gentle movement of the outrigger lulls one into a state of peace. The visual feast of the Island of Bali slowly coming into light. The beginning of a whole new day in paradise.

It does not take long to spot the pods. Three types of dolphins are seen off the coast of Bulaleng spotted and bottlenose dolphin are sometimes seen but it’s the spinner dolphin that is most common. As the name suggest they leap and play around the outriggers.

The whole round trip may take two or three hours depending on how far out the dolphins may be. Perhaps three hour all up would be a average dolphin tour. By eight o’clock the sun is high in the eastern sky and the wind will be picking up. The sea will loose its gentle calm. Best to head home for breakfast.

A dolphin tour costs around US 45.

North Bali Dolphin Tour, Package: Two Nights sea side accommodation, breakfast and North Bali Dolphin Tour US$ 225.  Save US$ 45. This is a high season offer.

Diving and Snorkeling in north Bali

North Bali Diving have chosen one of the most experienced diving companies in Bali to guarantee safety, experience and fun. For the novice or the experienced diver Spice Dive has it all. All our dive guides speak English and are dive master level. Cant get better than that for safety and experience.

Some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world can be experienced here in Bali. The  world renown dive spot, Menjangan  is a forty five minute drive from Ganesha Coral Reef Villas. North Bali Diving can cater for all your diving needs. For the north of Bali we can boast one of the best dive bases.

North Bali Diving in partnership with Ganesha Coral Reef Villas offers a spectacular reef a short fifty meter swim from our beach. Peppered with ocean fresh water springs the cool and warm waters have produced a variety of  coral rarely found in one location. Coral fish can be spotted in large numbers, sea turtle and migrating schools of fish like tuna and trevally are a common site.

North Bali Diving offers a ideal place for a Padi Diving Course. A large swimming pool and sea side location is a ideal setting to get the international dive certificate that you have always longed for. Open water bronze, silver and gold open water dive cetificates are available. Advance and all the way up to dive master can be had on your holidays.

North Bali Diving has a variety of packages on offer at different times of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Ganesha Coral Reef Villas for all your diving needs.

North Bali Diving

Price list in Euro for our mainly European guests

  1. Menjangan Island – 80/90
  2. Pemuteran Reef – 60
  3. Tulamben Shipwreck – 60
  4. Lovina Reef – 40
  5. Secret Bay – 70/85
  6. Puri Jati – 50
  7. Scuba Seraya – 60
  8. Amed / Jemeluk – 75
  9. Introductory Dives Menjangan – 90
  10. Introductory Dives Tulamben – 75
  11. Introductory Dives Lovina – 45
  12. Tulamben Shipwreck & Drop Off – 65
  13. Tulamben Batu Kelebit ( By Boat ) – 70
  14. Refresher Lovina – 45
  15. Refresher Tulamben – 75
  16. Refresher Menjangan – 90
  17. Night Dive at Tulamben ( Single Dive ) – 60
  18. Lovina Reef ( Single Dive ) – 35
  19. Lovina Reef ( Night Dive )  – 40
  20. Extra Dive ( choose a site daytime ) – 30
  21. Extra Dive ( night dive, Menjangan excluded ) – 35

Note:  A single diver for Menjangan or Secret Bay 90 / 85. More than one diver  80 / 70. Divers with a complete set of their own a discount of 5. This exclude tanks and weights.


  1. Menjangan Island – 55
  2. Tulamben Shipwreck, Amed-  35
  3. Children up to 12 years old – 30

Note:  Minimum of four adults.

Dive Locations

Tulamben U.S.S. Liberty

Dive this fascinating WWII Shipwreck. Torpedoed by the Japanese in Japanese submarine I-166 about 19 km south west of the Lombok Strait. She was en route from Australia to the Philippines with a cargo of railway parts and rubber. US destroyer Paul Jones and Dutch destroyer Van Ghent took the damaged ship in tow attempting to reach Celukan Bawang harbour near the town of Seririt on the North Coast of Bali. However she was taking on too much water and so she was beached at Tulamben so that the cargo and fittings could be salvaged.

In 1963 the tremors associated with the eruption of Mount Agung caused the vessel to slip off the beach, and she now lies on a sand slope in 7.6 to 30.5 m of water.

Launched in 1918 and with a displacement of 13,130 tons, 125 m in length she in now one of the best dive and snorkeling sites in the world.

Menjangan Island National Marine Park

With beautiful reefs that plunge straight down into clear blue water. Fantastic corals, millions of multi colored fish, rays, turtles, sharks you name it. There are at least 8 different dive sites around the island. You can dive here for days! For all diver levels and a great place to snorkel or even just hang out on the white sandy beaches.

Lovina Reef

Lovina beach is unfortunately not regarded as a interesting dive site. Mostly by people who have not dove it. It is in the process of evolution with new corals forming constantly. Even a wooden shipwreck. Lots of fish. Lovina reef is good at greater depths and therefor a good place for deep divers but also for beginners to explore the more easy and safe shallow reefs. A convenient location central to most accommodation.


Amed is considered as one of the best dive sites in Bali. Due to Al Nino in 1997 the reef was damaged by high and heavy seas. The reef however is recovering quickly. Its definitely worth diving here. It is especially good for big fish. The deep water  drop offs encourage big fish habitats. It takes a boat trip from Amed beach to reach the better dive sites.

Zen Beach

Zen beach is a unique dive site in Bali. It is what the experts call; “Top quality Muck Diving” There is no coral reef like many other places but when you dive here you will be fascinated by the huge diversity of marine life. Just 50 meters from the shore.

Night Diving

Night diving is maybe the reason why many divers dive! It sounds a bit scary but it is very relaxing. Adventure night dives are the best in Tulamben and Lovina reef. Switch on your torch, stay with your buddy and descend tonthe magnificent Tropical Marine Night Life!

Ganesha Reef

This little reef is fascinating. Unusual because of the fresh water springs around the reef. The cool spring water and warm tropical currents have created a reef with a large variety of coral that cant be found elsewhere. Sea turtles and a huge variety of coral fish can be found at this secret location. Directly off the beach at Ganesha Coral Reef Villas it’s a ideal snorkeling site.

Padi Diving Courses

  1. Bubble Maker – 30
    For kids of 8 to 10 years old, two and a half hours of Scuba fun in the swimming pool
  1. Scuba Dive – 240
    Pool training and Open Water Dives, certificate
  1. Spice Kids – 260
    Children of 10 years old and above can become junior! In our special kids Program.
  1. Open Water Diver Bronze Certificate -32
    Four open water dives in Lovina, Menjangan and Tulamben.
    Diving manual, dive table and certificate included.
  1. Open Water Diver Silver Certificate- 355
    Six open water dives in Lovina, Menjangan and Tulamben.
    Diving manual, dive table and certificate included.
  1. Open Water Diver Gold Certificate – 420
    Four open water dives and two advanced dives.
    Adventure dive and daily lunch.
    Padi Crew Pack ( Dive book, diving table and professional Log book ).
    Spice dive T Shirt.
  1. Advanced Open Water Diver – 320
    Diving manual. Certificate.
  1.  Adventure Dive One – 205
    Two training dives in one day, Manjangan or Tulamben.
  1. Adventure Dive Two – 255
    Three training dives in two days.
  1. Open Water Diver Referal One – 205
    Two training dives in one day, Menjangan or Tulamben.
    For certification add 45.
  1. Open Water Diver Referal Two – 265
    Four open water training dives at Lovina, Menjangan or Tulamben.
    For certification add 45.
  1. EFR – 240
    Emergency First Response (MFA).
  1. Rescue – 395
  2. Divemaster – 920
  3. Assistant Instuctor – 495


North Bali Dive Snorkeling Package

This is a private adventure with your friends or family. Your own dive master will take care of all preparations for this unforgettable experience.


  • Two Nights Accommodation,
  • Boat and car,
  • All equipment,
  • Lunch,
  • – 3 people, extra person for diving 80 for snorkeling 55

Total Price:  390


North Bali Trekking and Tours

North Bali offers plenty of opportunity for jungle and rice field trekking, completely ‘off the beaten track’, leading through an unspoilt, spectacular nature with rice terraces, jungles, plantations and panoramic views all along the way. These stunning tours a rare and unique opportunity to experience the traditional culture and the beautiful nature of North Bali. Our tours touch the atmosphere of a true expedition adventure.  The tour are led by an experienced English speaking trekking guide.


North Bali Fishing

Sail out in a traditional outrigger to long-line the Bali Sea for tuna, cast a small net from the beach early at dawn or join the local fishermen in the shallow water during high tide to throw a line and pretend you are one.

Whatever you prefer, it’s all possible. From the shoreline at the beach or at sea, right in front of the resort.


North Bali Boutique Seminars

North Bali Boutique Seminars are conducted at Ganesha Coral Reef Villas. The resort is a ideal location for small seminars. North Bali Boutique Seminars has hosted five seminars to date all dealing with health. Qi ball, Cranial therapy, Tuning fork therapy and Cosmetic Acupuncture.

North Bali Boutique Seminars is hosted by Dr Stephen Byers (TCM).  He is also the owner of Ganesha Coral Reef Villas. Dealing with Stephen to set up your seminar makes life easy.  Eleven years in Indonesia, ten in Bali, Twelve years in Borneo and six in Hong Kong makes him a veteran to having all your needs fulfilled.


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