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Ganesha Bali: The People

Ganesha Bali owner Stephen Beyers
Dr. Stephen Byers

Dr Stephen Byers (TCM) is the owner of Ganesha Bali Coral Reef Resort. He spent the first eighteen years of his life being nurtured in South East Asia. Six years in Hong Kong followed by twelve years in Borneo, giving him a deep love of Asia and a fascination with both its culture and medicine.

He was raised by two Cantonese nannies, Ah Yi and Ah Ho and when health issues arose it was Chinese Medicine that was always used. Stephen became proficient in Cantonese, Malay and Indonesian due to his formative years living in South East Asia.

Stephen trained under the great master, Professor Wong Lun in a style of Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporating martial arts, muscular skeletal alignments, tui na, acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine and dietary therapy.

He also founded the Fitzroy Chinese Medical Centre in Melbourne Australia thirty years ago and practiced there for twenty seven years. It still runs today.

Stephen furthered his studies under Swami Muktananda who initiated him into the practice of Kundalini yoga. In a peculiar manifestation of destiny, the district where Ganesha Bali has been built is called Kundalini. Having practiced Siddha meditation for forty years and exploring a range of styles from Pranayama, Dharma yoga, Kriya yoga, Bakti yoga, Jyana yoga, Karma yoga, Tantric yoga just to name a few, Stephen is motivated to share his ideas and journey to date, with the people who come to him for treatment.



The Location, Ganesha Bali, our sacred land

Before Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity arrived in Indonesia the primary belief and practice was and still is Animism. This underpins every religion in Indonesia. It is a common denominator for all it’s people.

The land where Ganesha Bali has been built is a sacred place to the village people of Ume Anyar.

Great care has been taken to respect the traditions of the people. Three temples have been erected and all the necessary ceremonies have been undertaken to foster and protect the integrity of this holy beach side temple. A further four more temples are for Ganesha Coral Reef Villas. The biggest one dedicated to God. One for the ocean, one for the paddi fields and one for security.

The sacred pule tree

The sacred pule tree central to the land, marks the hub of energy emanating from Ganesha Bali. A spring at the foot of the tree is considered to be holy water and is used in ceremonies. One old spirit dwells at the site of the Pule tree and another seven nature spirits also dwell there.  They protect the land and all spirits that are still bound to this earthly plain.

Spirit sightings are common in this area and are often the cause of much discussion and excitement. You will never hear “ I don’t believe in ghosts “ in Bali. They are part of the fabric of every day life. Trances are common as spirits possess local people to pass a message on to someone.

To keep all this in balance Ganesha Coral Reef Villas has a Jero Mangku to perform ceremonies every morning. Balinese Priests ( Jero Mangku ) are chosen by the community under trance. The Mangku knows what each spirits tastes are and will do his offerings accordingly. Some love coffee and a cigarette, sweets, rice and milk for the children. On the full moon it’s a banquet of fruits, chicken, rice and a lot of sweets for all.



The Holy Springs surrounding Ganesha Bali

Pure spring water is available to our guests for drinking and used in treatments in the clinic. Springs are also active in the ocean up to fifty meters from our beach. Swimming is a delight as one swims through warm water and then to cool then to warm.

The water passes through an ultra violet light to ensure purity to our guests and is of international export standard quality.

Pura Taman

This temple is the garden temple of the village. This temple can not be entered during mensuration.

This holy site is frequented by the locals for special ceremonies through out the religious calendar year

The local village people believe that many spirits of children inhabit this beach side location and the people make offerings of sweets and cakes to them daily. Shamanic Hinduism fosters the belief that earth bound spirits are hungry ghosts and need to be cared for as if they were part of our own family.

Pura Taman is often a place used for ceremonies about fertility and abundance. Couples often come here with their family priest asking to be blessed with a child or simply asking for a problem to be solved.

You may ask.


The Rice fields

Ganesha Bali is situated in stunning surrounds where the rice paddies meet the sea, in a lush tropical environment. The use of land involving the rice paddies at Ganesha Bali is offered to the local community of Ume Anyar at no cost.

Stephen operates the rice fields together with the staff who cultivate and harvest the rice fields. The local people and the guests share the produce. We produce several tonnes of A Grade rice each year. The profits go back into the community.

Stephen is committed to supporting the local community through a range of initiatives.

For those of you who choose to stay with us at Ganesha Bali, know that you too are assisting in providing employment and training opportunities for the locals.

Furthermore we disperse funds into education, health care and basic infra structure within the local village.

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