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North Bali Boutique Weddings is located at Ganesh Coral Reef Villas. If your dream is a private secluded boutique hotel in beautiful seaside location. With a hundred meters of beach front set on one hectare of tropical gardens and rice fields it’s a ideal romantic setting to tie or retie the knot. North Bali Boutique Weddings is Australian owned and run. This allows for smooth communications to get the task done with minimal effort.

To give you a idea of costs for weddings with North Bali Boutique Weddings we will quote in US dollars. This is the international currency used in Bali.

Unlike most wedding planners that will organize a hotel for your accommodation and your wedding elsewhere North Bali Boutique Weddings do the whole package at Ganesha Coral Reef Villas. A central location with all your friends and family sharing a unforgettable experience.

Ceremony Prices

Renewal of vows or a Non legal commitment and a blessing ceremony expect to pay between $ 450 ( a basic ceremony for the renewal of vows ). A Balinese blessing ceremony $ 750.

Legal weddings range from $800 to $1,000 ( protestant ). Catholic weddings can only be performed in a church.

Wedding Packages

Pick and choose to put together a idea of what you wish for.

Hair and Make Up

Hair and make up for the bride and bridesmaids, $150 per person. This will be for a  protestant wedding. For the Balinese ceremony make up for both bride and groom are included in the ceremony price. This involves traditional dress.


Prices range can vary depending on the duration of the shoot or the choice of a local or expat photographer.  Prices range between $400 to $2,000.



These range from $10 to $50 depending on whether the flowers are local or imported. Expect $10 for local and $50 for imported flowers per bouquet.

Wedding Cake

Around $250 for thirty guests,


A local DJ will cost around $800 including sound system and equipment. Live bands start from around $1,200. A traditional Balinese dance performance start from around $450.

Food & Beverages

A one hour service at The Coconut Grove Bar and Grill with will cost $25 a head. A three course set menu from about $50 ++ per guest. Three hour beverage package that includes domestic beers, wine, champagne style bubbli and soft drinks will cost around $65 per guest. Bar tabs can also be arranged. Note: Indonesia has a high tax on alcohol.


We have eight spacious bungalows that will sleep three per bungalow and a honeymoon suite. Prices vary depending on the season. To rent the whole boutique hotel for one night costs between $750 during the low season and $1,100 during the high season. Ganesha Coral Reef Villas has 100 meters of beach front.

North Bali Boutique weddings has also accommodation with in strolling distance along the beach if needed.

North Bali Boutique Weddings No Fuss Compete Package

Renewal Of Vows

25 Guests – $5,900. Balinese ceremony and dress, photographer, celebration cake, Balinese dance and Gamelan band, three course meal, three hour beverage, one night accommodation and breakfast. These prices are based on the low season. Note if guests wish to stay longer to take advantage of our activities all can be arranged.

Protestant Wedding

25 Guests – $6,900. Protestant Wedding ceremony, hair dressing and make up for four, bouquets for four, wedding cake, DJ, three hour beverage, three course meal, one night accommodation and breakfast. These prices are based on the low season. Note if guests wish to stay longer to enjoy the North of Bali extensions can be arranged.

Contact us for help in organizing your wedding event.




Staying On After The Ceremony.

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